Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The First Supper

And so it begins with this:
Me. Cooking.

I obtained some "easy to do" recipes from a friend in an effort to help me get on the cooking-dinner-for-myself bandwagon. I tried one out last week (successfully, thank you very much), and decided to make it again last night. Overly-pleased with myself (not only was it good, it was not yet a full week since I did it the first time and here I was cooking...again!), I snapped a photo of it while it was still in the oven so that I could share the experience with some of my very supportive friends.

Well, once I downloaded the photo and had a look at it I immediately noticed that the inside of my oven, purchased well over a year ago for a kitchen renovation that was intended to have me cooking up a storm, was SPOTLESS! (I have to say it made me smile when it occurred to me that I had an immaculate convection.) Some people have spotless ovens because they clean them, but with me it's only due to a lack of use.

Don't get me wrong - I've heated up a few pizzas, baked several batches of cookies and made a few loaves of my prize-winning banana bread, but nothing like I had intended when I renovated my kitchen and bought this oven. I had great visions of the things that I would do, that I *still* have yet to do. Seems I envision myself doing a lot of things, and certainly not just cooking. There's painting, drawing, reading, blogging, exercising (you should just see the great vision I had for my slender self last year! If only I'd followed through...). Nothing newsworthy really, just some things that I think would be worth doing. For me.

So, as the sun sets on yet another day, I have begun my very first blog. I'm calling this "My Immaculate Convection" not just for the cooking aspect, but for everything I have not yet done in my life. What good are unused ovens, pristine paintbrushes, unwritten stories, pure white runners and uncracked books. Clearly these are not signs of a life well-lived, so I think I'm going to get off my not-yet-slender butt (I said "yet"!) and make some changes.

Now then, I find when I get overly ambitious I scare myself off and wind up in front of the tv unproductively working on my comfy sofa dent, so instead I'm going to take this slowly. One step at a time. One blog at a time. One day at a time.

It's time. :)