Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's See How This One Turns Out

I've decided I'm going to take photos of the progress of a current project and post them here along the way. 

I neglected to take a photo of the "true" first stage - the fascintating red basecoat - so I'll have to leave that one to the imagination.  I'm using acrylic on a 24 x 36 gallery style wood paint's what I've done so far:

Stage 1 - Rough Outline
(hard to look at, isn't it)

Stage 2
(a little easier on the eyes, but still...)

This may very well end up looking completely different when it's done, but whatever the result, I can guarantee that it will not be a realistic portrayal of a daisy.  Nope.  Not in painting technique, colour, structural accuracy...I like my flowers to be fun and my paintings to look like they were painted. 
(I only do realism with my camera)


  1. Debra:

    This is already fabulous!


  2. Lovely Debra....can't wait to see the finished product