Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Woman's Treasures

Sometimes I get a real kick out of antique markets, garage sales, thrift stores and resale shops.  I will be the first one to admit that there are often some pretty icky things in some of these places, but if you're up to the hunt sometimes there are great treasures to be found. 

People have been willing to give/donate/throw things away that I in turn have been so very happy bring home with me.  Things like these:

Detail of a leather jacket from "New to You" in Streetsville, ON

Vintage turquoise ring from "Inglewood Antique Market" in Caledon, ON
(Abalone ring in background from "New to You")

Vintage ceramic sugar container from Flamboro Antique Show

Vintage Pyrex bowl set from Goodwill in Brampton, ON
The Greatest Find Ever

Designer floral jacket: resale store in Toronto
Antique painted pressback chair: garage sale in Caledon
Scarf: resale store in Mississauga
The most priceless treasure I've ever found:
My adorable "vintage" Lucy; adopted through via "Speaking of Dogs" in 2008

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