Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emerging from My Creative Void

Sheridan's Illustration program was wonderful, but it took the love out of drawing and painting for me, so after graduating I just didn't do it anymore. 

Drawing/painting had been a great source of joy my entire life up to that point, but now I had no desire to do either.  I had no drive at all and no ideas...and I then grew afraid to even try.  I went full-time into an office job and didn't look back for many years.

It was at least 7 years after graduation when I did this for my sister:

Ginger Kitty (acrylic w. pencil crayon on wooden plate)

It was several years after the Ginger Kitty that I did this for my cousin's daughter:

Bunny for Abby (acrylic w. pencil crayon on wooden plate)

The next one (a couple of years later) I did for myself.  Whenever I've drawn or painted a face with an expression of any sort, I've found that I make the same expression myself pretty much the entire time I work on it.  (It turned out a little Joker-like, but painting it did make me smile):

(acrylic on canvas board)

I've done a few more paintings since then, but my aim is to do them more frequently.  I am still struggling with the ideas and fear, but the desire to paint is back and the drive to sit down and do it is, well, coming along. 

I am slowly...FINALLY...crawling out of the creative void that's had a hold on me for so long.

Oh joy!

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  1. Debra - LOVE the cat! Beautiful!!! (yes - 3 exclamation marks!)