Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Many Outfits of Lucy...Outfit #1

I really went overboard when I adopted Lucy two years ago.  There are just too many cute outfits available for dogs, and I'm guilty of buying a few of them.   More than a few of them.  To the point of being a bit of a joke from what I understand.  (Fair enough.  I guess not everyone buys a cabinet to house their dog's attire.)
I've decided that I want to challenge myself to post here more regularly.  A few times a week, if not daily.  The problem since I started this blog over a year ago has been not feeling that I had much of anything "worthy" (paintings, cooking attempts, rambling stories...) to post, so I'm going to have the Lovely Lucy stand in for me on my quiet days, sporting an assortment of her many little outfits.  Though I am proud to say that I am no longer a dog-outfit-shopaholic, thanks to my addiction in our first year together Lucy will still be able to fill in a LOT of quiet days for me here!

Today Lucy is sporting the first sweater that I bought for her.  A bit of a Charlie Brown meets Bert and Ernie throwback, this purple number is perfect to accentuate Lucy's petite sausage-like figure.  The jaunty pink harness, playfully worn off-centre (a favourite fashion statement of hers), won out over the purple one this time.  It usually does.

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