Sunday, June 5, 2011

Uh Oh...This Is Due Tomorrow!

I thought I had one more day, but this one's got to be finished for tomorrow...hoping I can make the deadline! 

This is being submitted to AyrSpace (an art gallery in Ayr, ON) for an upcoming "Response for Japan" exhibition where partial proceeds from sales will go towards relief efforts in Japan (I am really loving these projects I've come across lately where foundations/charities benefit from the proceeds of the sale of something I've created).  I do hope that it will be accepted for the exhibit.

Here's the progress up to now (the two first photos are repeats from my April 8th entry):

Hopefully the way in which it fits the theme is clear.  In case it isn't, well, on sight (at least at a glance) it's supposed to resemble Japan's flag.

I decided to paint one of my flowers in a way that would be representative of Japan not only in it's resemblance to their flag, but also beauty, life, hope and (re)growth.

(NOTE: The proportion of the panel itself is accurate for the flag, however the size of the red center is not...I started out with it that way but to do it in proper proportion - about 3" larger in diameter - the red part was just too big for the overall look that I wanted.)

At 24" x 36" this is about the largest painting I've done to date...feels weird to see it so small here so I just took a photo of it with my favourite 9½ pound model to give a better idea of its size:
Lucy and the painting that has yet to be named.

Hey Lucy - did your lip get stuck on your fang again or are you trying to tell me you're not impressed!?!
(Either way, I'd better get back to work...)


  1. Debra, you have done a beautiful job on this piece! I love the way you have juxtaposed such a strong, graphic symbol like the flag of Japan with such a gentle and natural element like the daisy.

    I am so proud of you for being involved in such a worthwhile cause. Kudos to you! I really hope you get accepted into the exhibit...otherwise I may have to snap up this lovely piece for myself!


  2. This dog is a great artist ; )